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Seamless and cost-efficient roaming, with extended coverage

IHM is introducing two new features for its IHM command and control room solution at Autonomous Ship Expo: seamless and cost-efficient roaming via different carriers, and extended coverage.

IHM is proud to introduce a new feature for the remote control of radio communication – seamless and cost-efficient roaming via LTE, PMR, wi-fi and BGAN satellite. The feature, provided in cooperation with Cobham SATCOM, is optional to the IHM command and control solution. The new multiroaming feature provides a unique way of connecting a control room to a fleet of vehicles or human resources. When roaming, no data or audio is lost. In addition, the roaming feature always ensures selection of the best and the cheapest roaming between various carriers, always according to the customized priority list.

The seamless roaming feature adds to the extended coverage, ensuring coverage in remote areas with additional carriers (not solely via BGAN satellite).

IHM is also showcasing a new interface allowing advanced remote control of the Sailor 7222 radio. Visit the company’s booth for a demonstration of the advanced remote control of the GMDSS radio Sailor 7222, which is one of 32 IHM interfaces for remote control of radios and base stations.


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