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Groundbreaking AI software

Since 2002, Robosys Automation has been regarded as a leader in maritime autonomy and smart shipping applications. It strives to deliver pioneering and intelligent navigation solutions to crewed, lean-crewed and autonomous vessels, unmanned surface vessel (USVs) and ships from 3m to 320m.

Headquartered at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre and with offices in India, Turkey and Canada, Robosys’s solutions are proven and boast full IMO degree 4 maritime autonomy capability.

Robosys solutions include its groundbreaking Voyager AI software, which transforms any motorized vessel into a fully autonomous USV and features independent navigation, collision and obstacle avoidance, anti-grounding and dynamic route optimization.

In addition, Robosys offers numerous options to complement Voyager AI – including Colregs-compliant collision avoidance decision aid (CADA) applications – to enhance safety for crewed and lean-crewed watchkeepers. Other options include Voyager Platform Control, which provides remote steering, engine control and propulsion control, together with Voyager Platform Management, which provides alarm monitoring together with switch and relay controlling.

Robosys’s international partners include the Australian Maritime College (AMC Search), Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) and the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre (MRIC) at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

Booth: 2015

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