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Add-on autonomy for new-build and existing vessels

Roboat is revolutionizing the way inland waterways are used by offering add-on autonomy for new-build and existing vessels. Roboats can perceive, navigate, communicate and perform tasks on their own.

Using advanced technologies, the company can transform any conventional vessel into a Roboat. This not only makes transportation safer and more efficient and versatile, but it also has the potential to reduce the vessel's environmental impact.

Roboat’s system can turn vessels into complete autonomous boats, it assists onboard crew with navigation and perception, offers remote monitoring capabilities and can play back detailed data as a black box.

The company will launch two products in the coming months:

– The first lidar-/camera-based Roboat safety system, which will be installed on one of the iconic GVB ferries in Amsterdam;
– An autonomous ferry in Paris.

Booth: 1005

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