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Sebastian Wolter

Sebastian Wolter has been working at ITK Engineering GmbH since 2013. As a Lead Engineer in Intelligent Systems, he deals with the subject simulation and visualization. Besides creation of 3d environments and simulation of sensor data for virtual V&V and simulation-based systems engineering, his range of tasks also parallelization of algorithms on high performance platforms. Mister Wolter studied Applied Computer Science at the Georg-August University Goettingen with a focus on scientific computing and worked at the DLR on the optimization of fluid dynamics simulations.


Efficient development of assistance functions through virtual sensors

Nautical assistance systems require precise environmental detection. Sensors such as camera, lidar, radar or sonar serve as eyes and ears, from which a consistent image of the environment is generated. Due to the infinite number of test scenarios, some of which are very critical, simulations and virtual tests are needed for system validation. With highly parallel computer graphics methods simulating a realistic 3D environment for testing highly automated functions is possible. Consistent physically based sensor raw data can be created in real-time using a parameterizable sensor-specific physics model which allows on-the-fly testing of sensor fusion and algorithms.