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Grunde Løvoll

Grunde is principal researcher in the ship autonomy team in the Maritime Program in DNV’s strategic research unit where he is currently focusing on methodology and tooling for assurance of autonomous functions in shipping. Grunde is the project manager of the SAFE Maritime Autonomous Technology project, and he holds Dr.Sc. degree in physics from the University of Oslo. He has been working in IT and data analytics related projects for more than a decade.


Assuring autonomous navigation systems

How do autonomous navigation systems impact safety and operational efficiency? And how can we verify and document this? These questions are large and complex, and we address them in the “SAFE Maritime Autonomous Technology” research project by DNV, Kongsberg, Bastø Fosen and NTNU. A decision support system for collision avoidance will be implemented and demonstrated on ferry in commercial operation. The system will form its, own situational awareness and suggested evasive manoeuvres will be planned autonomously. The effect on safety and operational efficiency will then be rigorously tested, analyzed, and documented through the use of novel tools and simulators.