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Nikolas Schaal

Nikolas Schaal is a mechanical engineer with a PhD Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich. Nikolas joins Shiptec as their project manager for AI and autonomous systems. Formerly he was a Development Engineer at Hilti, Liechtenstein and a Lab Manager at Oerlikon Surface Solutions. He is passionate about innovation and culture change. Both are needed to implement autonomous systems in the shipping industry.


Optimal e-system exploitation through autonomous cruising

Besides the continuous optimization of new and current systems, Shiptec follows an additional route. According to experience, we know that economical driving depends very much on the way of driving. This means that if a vessel is driven in the right way, significant optimization potential in energy saving and component sizes can be achieved. Autonomous driving systems can therefore be a tool for further optimization of systems and their operation, because autonomous systems use always the optimal and inherent driving fashion. The presentation shows how to combine the best of both: electric cruising with different levels of autonomous cruising.