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Tim Michalski

Tim Michalski is Project Assistant in the CAPTN Fördeareal at the Kiel Science Hub in Kiel, Germany. CAPTN stands for Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network with the goal to establish autonomous ferries in the Kieler Fjord connected with different modes of mobility on water and land. Furthermore, Tim is pursuing his master's degree in business chemistry at Kiel University. His master's thesis takes place at the Technology Management Institute in cooperation with industry.


Construction and operation of the Wavelab autonomous test catamaran in Kiel, Germany

The Wavelab electric vessel will serve as a research platform for the Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network (CAPTN) initiative in Kiel. The program aims to create the infrastructure for an integrated inner-city mobility network based on multiple modes of transport on water and land. The Wavelab will serve as an open platform for research and development of the required technologies for a planned clean autonomous public transportation network on the Kiel fjord. The presentation will give an insight into the modular concept and the Torqeedo drive system that allow the integration of new technology projects.