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Jakob Weibrecht

Jakob is the Senior Sales Manager of Sternula. He is in charge of all sales globally on AIS 2.0.


Secure digitalized commands between shore and MASS

VDES is the new communication solution to implement the IMO e-Navigation strategy. VDES is an extension to AIS, adding two-way data channels over VHF. By using special satellite channels (up and down), every ship with a VHF antenna is able to communicate globally. The main reason is that the technology is designed without an IP address. AIS 2.0 is the end-user's name for VDES (like the mobile industry uses 3G, 4G, and 5G instead of the technical names for those standards). AIS 2.0 is expected to be part of IMO SOLAS chapters IV & V, and maritime administrations will broadcast information to ships. This presentation will explain how AIS 2.0 can benefit your MASS operation.