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Renée Schulz

Dr. Renée Schulz is the Lead UI/UX Architect of JRCS, holding a PhD in HCI/UX from the University of Agder (UiA, Norway); after that she got the JSPS Postdoc Award to continue her UX research at Osaka University (Japan) in a collaboration with Norway. Now she is continuing her career journey at JRCS where she is focusing on finding UX solutions for complex systems such as monitoring and alarm systems for vessels and shore operators.


UX for autonomous ships. Who is the "U"?

In the development process towards Autonomous Ships, there are several stages with varying importance of different stakeholders and users. From a fully manned ship to a no-man situation, eventually resulting in fully autonomous shipping - who is the user and how to correctly address the different stages in terms of UX? In the age of AI, remote control, and fleet operation from shore, the context of use of several systems changes and must be developed for varying requirements during this shifting focus. Step-by-step, developing for an unmanned situation, the question arises "What does UX mean for autonomous shipping?".