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Jack Dougherty

Jack is a graduate of Texas A&M University at Galveston with a degree in maritime administration. He also holds a master’s degree in cybersecurity management from the University of Houston. A US Navy Riverine veteran with multiple deployments, he served as chief of staff to the previous superintendent of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy, Admiral Michael Rodriguez.


The symbiotic relationship between mariners and autonomous shipping

One of the biggest hurdles to the acceptance of autonomous shipping is the current mariner community, which sees autonomy in general as a threat to their way of life, their culture and their future. What is not being discussed is the value that computer vision, machine learning and high-speed data computation can bring to mariners and their vessels. Advanced sensor utilization in inclement weather, digital twins and real-time navigation recommendations in congested shipping lanes can provide a safety net for the mariner during transits while concurrently reducing maintenance costs and insurance premiums for owners.