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Bora Choe

Bora Choe is a senior engineer at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. The company develops an autonomous navigation system known as SAS that allows ships to travel their planned route avoiding collision by detecting obstacles around them. As a senior engineer, she is responsible for the development of collision avoidance and path-following system. She studied autonomous navigation systems using artificial intelligence and received a Ph.D. in maritime engineering from the Kyushu University in Japan.


Development and verification of a real-time hybrid test system

This presentation describes the real-time hybrid test system of the Samsung Autonomous Ship (SAS). The test system was developed and verified through simulations and sea trial tests by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). The hybrid test system utilizes three types of information to estimate collision avoidance performance: virtual ships data, real-time sensor data, and recorded sensor data. The virtual ship data and voyage sensor data are applied to simulation, respectively. In sea trials, the ship follows the optimal route recommended by the SAS responding to virtual ships as well as sensor data in real time. The ship equipped with SAS showed good autonomous navigation performance in the actual sea.