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Andre Burgess

Andre Burgess Is a Strategic Partnerships lead at National Physical Laboratory where a priority is on delivering confidence in the intelligent and effective use of data. Working within the resilience and security national challenge team, Andre has led the creation of NPL’s Assured Autonomy Programme, which brings together disciplines across Data Science, Time and Frequency, Electro-Magnetic technologies and Dimensional metrology. His work on Autonomous Transport Systems has focused on building collaborations across the UK’s transport sector (Land, Sea and Air) to establish an integrated digital measurement infrastructure and technical framework to underpin the simulated testing ecosystems for autonomous systems at


Assuring successful deployment of MASS

The deployment of increasingly automated maritime systems will have positive impacts on productivity, congestion and emissions reduction, accessibility, and safety. A critical challenge to realising these outcomes at scale is the absence of any means for autonomous technologies to be quantifiably assured that they are safe, reliable and do what they say on the tin, throughout their operational life. This talk explores the new approaches to certify autonomous maritime systems at an international level, with a focus on helping establish the true capabilities and limitations of any particular system and the importance of data quality standards and those for AI.