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Takeru Suzuki

Following a BSc in social sciences at Waseda University, Takeru joined Navix Line in 1998, moving to Mitsui O.S.K. Lines in 1999. Takeru's responsibilities have included group company management and budget management; sales (both PCC and container carrier division); marketing, container operation and procurement in the container carrier division; establishing domestic logistics frameworks in Russia as a member of a specific trading house; and closing container offices in China in preparation for a merger. Since joining the smart shipping division, Takeru is currently developing autonomous technologies.


Indispensable things for autonomous navigation

In order to realize autonomous navigation, we need to replace the acquired equipment skill of seafarers with a system. Given that the raison d'etre of the system is that it must outperform human capabilities, or at least be on the same level, what are indispensable things we need to tackle? What technology is required? Will AI push us to the goal? Beyond decision supporting systems, is there autonomous navigation? In this presentation Takeru Suzuki will state his view from the standpoint of a shipping company.