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Jason McFarlane

Jason is passionate about innovation and emerging technologies and how they can be utilized towards more sustainable and liveable cities. His strong technical foundation in systems development is combined with a creative drive for exploring new and better solutions and the ability to bring ideas to realization. He started as CTO at Hyke (Hydrolift Smart City Ferries) in 2021 bringing with him broad cross-industry experience with several roles at management level. Jasons career includes over 14 years of experience from Kongsberg Maritime, where, prior to leaving, he headed the companies research and innovation department.


Real-world autonomous ferry operations

This presentation will describe the experiences and the challenges which Hyke encountered during the development of ferries as part of an existing city ferry network. The ferries are for commercial operation, have a high level of autonomous operation with a future goal of full autonomy. The presentation will describe the testing of the autonomous functionality with a real use-case; the first ferry being launched in Fredrikstad, Norway, at the beginning of 2023