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Wangseok Jang

Wangseok Jang is senior researcher of the Recreational Boat Solution Team at the Avikus in South Korea. He received a Ph.D degree in naval architecture and ocean engineering from Seoul National University in South Korea by improving the simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm. His work focuses on the implementing software for perception the obstacle in maritime navigation environment and architecting the commercial software. He is exerting every effort to lead the paradigm shift of marine mobility.


Commercialization of marine autonomy: A success story in the making

Marine autonomy has taken its final step on the road to commercialization. The era of power points and technology demonstrations is over. Avikus is now selling and installing autonomous navigation systems for commercial ships. In this presentation Avikus will show what steps have been taken to make this possible but also discuss the steps and challenges ahead. In addition, Avikus will show why it is important for successful autonomy to have broad applications, from container ships to tugs and even to leisure boats.