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Zakirul Bhuiyan

Associate Professor Capt Zakirul Bhuiyan is a researcher on the MarRI-UK project IGNITE (IntelliGeNt shIp cenTrE), which is establishing a scaled demonstration and training facility for operators of remotely operated maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) in collaboration with Wärtsilä and Solent University. The project will enable complex navigational training in real traffic interactions and high-risk maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment.


Navigational training for maritime autonomous surface ships

The fast advancement of technology over the last decade has had an impact on all industries, including maritime. Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS), which were once only a concept, are now becoming a reality. Several countries have made successful attempts to run MASS in coastal waters. The nations are competing to be the world leader in the field of maritime autonomy. However, in the midst of all this rivalry, little attention has been paid to the future navigational training difficulties. The crucial question is how this new disruptive technology will affect maritime education and training (MET).