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Roberto Galeazzi

Roberto Galeazzi is Head of the Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems, and Associate Professor of Control Theory and Technology at the DTU Electro, Technical University of Denmark. He has 15+ years of research experience on resilient autonomous systems. Core research interests are at the intersection of control and artificial intelligence, focusing on advanced methods for motion control, sensor fusion, mission and motion planning of surface and underwater vehicles. Roberto Galeazzi leads the research effort on the autonomous ship at DTU, and he has been PI and Co-PI of several research projects on autonomous marine systems and operations.


Advancing autonomous navigation: an AI framework to learn good seamanship

In the past decade, we have seen a burgeoning of COLREGs-compliant collision avoidance systems, born from a diverse array of algorithmic innovations. Yet their effectiveness is curtailed, limited to scenarios where specific COLREG rules can be distinctly applied. Contrarily, human navigators, in their quest for unerring safety, often transcend these rules, invoking the art of good seamanship in situations of imminent peril. We propose an AI framework adept at assimilating good seamanship, drawing from the rich, yet underutilized, knowledge reservoirs embedded in maritime academy simulators. This novel approach promises to usher in a new era of autonomous navigation.