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Andre Burgess

Andre has led the creation of NPL’s assured autonomy program at NPL, which brings together disciplines across data science, time and frequency, electromagnetic technologies and quantum. His work has focused on delivering confidence in the adoption of this disruptive emerging technology. This includes building collaborations across the UK’s mobility sector (land, sea and air) – and internationally – to establish an integrated digital measurement infrastructure and technical framework to underpin the testing ecosystems – real and virtual – for autonomous systems at all technology readiness levels. He has over 20 years’ experience in the TMT and ICT sectors.


Pro-innovation approaches for testing and assuring MASS

With an international non-mandatory goal-based MASS code due in 2025, the relevant technical enablers must be in place to deliver the adoption of MASS at the scale where the full benefits can be derived. The UK Maritime Autonomy Assurance Testbed (MAAT) program follows a data-driven and evidence-based approach to help develop the technical capabilities and pro-innovation standards to enable the deployment of maritime autonomous technologies globally. This talk will share the latest research activities being conducted with international partners, including data standards and metrics for situational awareness, and a common test scenario definition language and taxonomy/definition for operating conditions and system behaviors.