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Nathanael Tan

Nathanael is a roboticist who believes in the inevitable symbiosis between man and unmanned machines in our autonomous world of tomorrow. As Head of Technology, Nathanael conceptualizes, develops and fields new capabilities in the area of perception and manned-unmanned teaming to continually tackle the ever-green challenge of safe autonomous navigation, especially around the congested straits of Singapore. He is especially passionate about maritime vision-centric intelligence, human behavioral mimicry, solutions for end-to-end deployment of Unmanned Surface Vessels as well as autonomy assurance for true L4 and L5 autonomous systems.


From perception to understanding for navigational autonomy

Research and development of perception technologies for use on board maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) focuses heavily on the reliable detection of hazardous obstacles for collision detection and collision avoidance (CDCA). Although this is crucial to safe autonomous navigation, shipmasters and pilots today perceive not only obstacles but also local infrastructure, sea states, local weather conditions, vessel condition and even threats. Here we discuss the opportunities, challenges and technologies to enable MASS with not only kinematic perception but also semantic understanding of the vessel's surroundings to exhibit safe and effective sapience during autonomous navigation, especially among other human seafarers.