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ChiMin (Gary) Liao

As an engineer of the system development section in SOIC(Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center) for ten years, Gary has participated in the programming of ship maneuvering simulators and unmanned surface vehicles (USV), especially focusing on USV decision-making algorithms and system integration. The simulators have been widely used in many training cases such as Navy, marine transport companies, and schools. Its function of autonomous ship simulation has been making big progress in autonomous sightseeing ships and a marine debris cleaning boat. After years of USV R&D experience, Gary is a section head of a group for autonomous ships now.


Autonomous ships on rivers and in harbors in Taiwan

Taiwan has announced the Unmanned Vehicles Technology Innovative Experimentation Act in December 2018, the first of its kind in the world covering autonomous vehicles on land, at sea, and in the air. As a ship and maritime technology R&D institution, SOIC has been developing fully-electric autonomous Sightseeing Ships and a marine debris cleaning boat. The remote-control station is included. The Sightseeing Ships has carried thousands of passengers and auto-sailed hundreds of kilometers. The cleaning boat has passed the fields test phase and are participating in the harbor cleaning missions.