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Rachael O'Connor

Rachael is the driving force behind Navtech's marine segment, recognizing the challenges the industry faces as it moves towards smart shipping for optimized and safe vessel operation. With a strong entrepreneurial background, and the confidence to enter into unchartered waters, Rachael is inspiring the industry to utilize the benefits of high-resolution W-band radar. Fully focused on supporting the marine industry, Rachael is building partnerships with leading maritime technology providers. She is committed to advancing marine autonomy, driving the radar's marine compliance with IEC60945 and prototyping extended-range modes, thus bridging the gap that lidar is struggling to fill.


W-band ultra high-resolution radar: The right technology for marine autonomy

This presenation will share the latest examples of data from real-world trials onboard autonomous vessels which utilise Navtech’s millimetre wave FMCW 76-77GHz radar technology. High resolution radars are providing superior detection capability for small targets, giving vessels unparalleled situational awareness in all weather and lighting conditions. This unlocks the ability for vessels to safely navigate congested waterways autonomously. A sensor comparison will be discussed, presenting the extended range, reliability, and high-resolution imaging that FMCW radar technology can offer when compared to both lidar and cameras.