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Ramon Sieber

Ramon is part of the research and development team at Shiptec. Being a mechatronics engineer he brings innovative new ideas to the maritime industry. As part of his thesis project he was heavily involved in the development of an IoT sensor network, but also developed the algorithm and machine learning model behind the EcoPilot. The focus of his work at Shiptec lies in the development of digital solutions for a safer and more efficient operation on the water.


Optimal speed as a basis for fuel-efficient autonomy

Autonomy in shipping not only leads to more safety but can also save fuel. In timetable operation, the sailing speed is the significant factor in the ship's fuel consumption. Arriving just in time requires the consideration of multiple factors and is currently dependent on the experience of the captain. This presentation reviews a tool which calculates the optimal speed profile by relying on a multi-criteria algorithm and AI. The calculated optimal speed is applied to a smart-throttle lever to autonomously control the speed of the ship. In beta testing on multiple ships in the field, a fuel reduction of 13% was achieved.