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Sylvain Joyeux

Sylvain is the co-founder and CTO at TideWise. He is responsible for overseeing all product development, engineering and design of the comapny's robot systems. Beyond unmanned vessels, he is a software engineer with strong experience in system integration and long-term autonomy. His passion is using software to make autonomous systems (and in particular, robots) operate robustly. This passion led to the development of Rock, an open-source software framework and development methodology for robotics that has become the core of TideWise’s software systems.


Error handling at the core: safe autonomy at TideWise

Systems fail. Is combining mechatronics and software a recipe for disaster? TideWise's teams strive to avoid failures altogether but we recognize that they are unavoidable. In this talk, we will present the defense-in-depth approach we use in software to detect and handle failures, guaranteeing the safe operations of our USVs.