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Sinikka Hartonen

Sinikka Hartonen serves as the secretary general of the One Sea Association. She is a seasoned professional with a curiosity for how technology can catalyze positive change and a passion for finding new ways to create synergy, helping to make a transformational impact. With over 35 years of experience in the transportation sector, maritime is her domain of expertise. Hartonen began her career at sea, and after transitioning to shore, she gained robust and diverse experience in maritime and transportation administration and advocacy work. She holds a master’s degree in economics, a bachelor's degree in maritime studies (Captain), and an eMBA from the Henley Business School.


No dropouts, please – creating a future where human ingenuity meets cutting-edge technology

The rapid advancement in technology enables us to increase the usage of automation and autonomous functions in maritime operations. However, the idea that these developments will make seafarers redundant is misplaced. Instead of embracing this notion, we should focus on how we can harness the strengths of technology to enhance human capabilities and eliminate human weaknesses. This presentation highlights the importance of creating a future that allows seafarers and other maritime professionals to maintain their expertise and professional pride empowered by technology, not replaced by it.