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Nil Angli

Angli joined the European Space Agency in 2016, where he leads the maritime group in the Commercialization, Industry and Competitiveness Directorate. Angli is passionate about fostering collaborations between the maritime and space sectors, and he has led numerous initiatives that leverage space data to enhance the safety and sustainability of the maritime sector. Prior to his role at ESA, Angli spent eight years as a space systems engineer at Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd (SSTL), where he played a pivotal role in the design, manufacturing and operations of various satellites including science, Earth observation and telecommunications missions.


Space in support to autonomous shipping

Autonomous ships are inextricably linked to space: in open sea, communication between vessels and digital bridges relies on satellite connectivity; high-accuracy positioning relies on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS); and near real-time situational awareness information, such as weather and sea ice conditions, relies on Earth observation satellites. The European Space Agency (ESA) is committed to supporting the maritime industry to innovate by leveraging space data. This session will showcase past and ongoing autonomous shipping projects and will present future opportunities to collaborate with ESA.